News on Madness Assassin and Project Nexus

2012-04-14 15:06:02 by Tarantulaben

The game never gets old. Can't wait for even moar updates, digging the new G03LM armor, I'm level 60 now. Waves are pretty brutal now, but I'm still kicking ass.

Anywho, remember that Madness Assassin guy? Well guess wat. He'll be having his first, full-length, epic episode for Madness Day, maybe before. But if Madness Day is close enough by the time it's done, then I might as well wait for it.

Now I know that some have told me that I'm ready for a full-length project, and some have told me I need practice. And to be honest, I think I do. Let's start with- I don't know if I have the patience to complete a full-length animation. And besides, I want this to be dark, very serious, and most importantly bad ass. And I don't want it looking bad. I want it to look smooth. So, I have nominated Madmanaryf, a friend of mine to animate it for me. He might not be as good as Krinkels himself, but he's better than any animation I've done. And I'd say he does a pretty damn good job.

So. With my ideas, story, and artistic abilities and Aryf's slick animation skills, we will make The Madness Assassin happen. And it will be awesome.

Anyway, here's a pic of me now in Project Nexus.

News on Madness Assassin and Project Nexus


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2012-04-14 17:04:31

the famous squad.this is a epic squad!!!!!!!!!!1111


2012-04-14 18:30:07

level 60 damn


2012-04-15 06:05:28

After this new wave system I didn't need a single team member until wave 33, Cuz I get ambushed by ATPs and OBSVs. D:
I was all like "YEAH IM A SOLO AWESOME KILLA DOOD" Lul me.
Anyways....I forgot XD


2012-04-16 18:02:27

hot damn. your group is bad-ass. good luck on your project.


2012-04-20 16:38:55

level 112.

Tarantulaben responds:

Cool story bro. I don't play the game 24/7.


2012-04-21 07:33:09're awesome! I have this too, but my my browser is restarted and i'm on level 12 or 13.
PS : I clicked the 'Clear browsing history''.



2012-05-04 19:22:32

awesome squad man. I been on level 147 and up to wave 54. wave 53 will have 5 G03LM and 5 G03LM MK2 (black and red). I'm only using 3 squad mates because my computer freezes with 4 squad mates, good luck on your project.


2012-08-09 10:41:11

im a noob in that game.i never play it because im to focused on other games like forza 4,dead space,shit like that and im like a level 21 or 23,and i want to get to lev 30 for ZOMBIES nothing else.


2016-05-13 13:53:27

Do you know?
1) You didn't hire Cheshyre and Luis.
2) In Party Mod there are two extra chars: The Butcher (a G03LM Mk1) and The Vehicle (a giant Sleepwalker).