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A very blatant rip off of Hellbenders. Points for effort but no real creativity here.

My God, this is amazing. I love this kind of stuff.

Wow, this is really something!

I love the whole concept, you know, drinking and driving, etc. But even more how you express something that everyone who goes through something like this would want to do- Go back in time and fix your mistakes.

And I'm glad you didn't use a time machine. An hourglass is a bit more traditional and symbolic.

Emrox responds:

Thankya kindly.

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Eh. Not quiet sure how this got frontpaged. It's an interesting idea, a nice twist on snake with a bit of a little joke plot to it. But it felt very short, and didn't really live very long. It's too simple, and the game's frame rate is very choppy (not slow!), which makes it difficult to move, especially when trying to avoid so many cars.

The objective also wasn't very clear either. When I first played it, I had no idea that I need to collect five cash until a taxi would appear which would then uh... win me the game.

So, I give you 2.5 for concept and effort. But it needs more. It feels very basic and unpolished. The grammar as well could use some improvement ("popstar deaded"?). And why would sales increase after he died? It doesn't make sense. A better headline would be something more simply like, "popstar dies in tragic car accident" or something.

Here's what I suggest you do. First, make the pace and framerate less choppy. Second, expand on it! Maybe make it at first nice and easy, to introduce the player. Like a tutorial. Then maybe when you take the taxi it takes you to a brand new location (background), and you start a new level. I'd say make at LEAST 10 levels, increasing in difficulty. And maybe add powerups, like maybe one that removes all cars currently on screen. Something like that.

It's alright, but it need work and a lot more content.

FelipeBudinich responds:

Thanks very much for your detailed feedback :)

I only disagree on this point "why would sales increase after he died?"

The grammar thing was an ongoing joke when I made it a few years ago, I should fix it now (I'm currently doing that on the source code, that for some reason I fail to understand, I decided to write in that fashion too)

Wow. This is just amazing, especially since it isn't even very gameplay focused. The pure simplicity, and great music by F-777 (who brought me here, by the way), along with what was probably one of the best time travel plots I've heard of yet.

The best part is that the gameplay does not occur on the screen- it occurs in your head. It really makes you think, and everything actually makes sense! I can only just imagine the time you took writing up the story for this whole thing. It's flawless. Personally, I'd enjoy seeing a sequel to this, but if it would be something that would risk ruining everything this did right, then don't do it.

Overall, loved the game, and loved how it made me think. Bravo.

Awesomely simple and fun.

Inspired by Draw Something, obviously, but is still something of its own. First of all, I'm glad that you were the person to bring a game like Draw Something onto Newgrounds, or even the PC in general. The ability to select any range colours is great too, but you're limited to saving them. I find sometimes I'm forced to have to replicate a colour I accidentally wrote over so I can use it again, and even so it's tricky to get the same shade. It would be great if you added a colour picker tool, since you seem to be wanting to make the game more different than Draw Something, but I don't think you should add a fill tool. A fill tool would make things too easy, and it would change the overall style of finished drawings. Besides, you can appreciate someone who can work without a fill tool.

The music is great, catchy, and overall the game is fun and addicting. And I'm sure it took a lot of work to code this thing. A gold star for you.

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Also weiners.

qwertysam responds:

eee- |:I Gid demmit

Super trippy. Very... interesting. I like eet.

Poniiboi responds:

THanks, man!

This is some sick tunage.

Poniiboi responds:


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oooh, I didn't know you did pixel art! love the style, kinda makes me think of CD rom games.

Rhunyc responds:

I dabble haha, thanks man! I think the dithering makes it feel that way. :D

first time i saw this i thought it was digital artwork, its so clean

g o o d s h i t

Hey, I don't usually think to comment on your artwork, thought I'd comment on this one.

I've always liked your usual style, but I like the change here- great job with the shading as well. Looking forward to seeing more of these.

DatCakeIzEhPai responds:

This feels like the first time meeting u man! I really thankful the day u scouted on newgrounds and i hope u wont regret it XD. Thank you so so much! The shading could use some practice tho. It is my first try on photo studying.

Hey, I'm Ben. I draw stuff sometimes.

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