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Eh. Not quiet sure how this got frontpaged. It's an interesting idea, a nice twist on snake with a bit of a little joke plot to it. But it felt very short, and didn't really live very long. It's too simple, and the game's frame rate is very choppy (not slow!), which makes it difficult to move, especially when trying to avoid so many cars.

The objective also wasn't very clear either. When I first played it, I had no idea that I need to collect five cash until a taxi would appear which would then uh... win me the game.

So, I give you 2.5 for concept and effort. But it needs more. It feels very basic and unpolished. The grammar as well could use some improvement ("popstar deaded"?). And why would sales increase after he died? It doesn't make sense. A better headline would be something more simply like, "popstar dies in tragic car accident" or something.

Here's what I suggest you do. First, make the pace and framerate less choppy. Second, expand on it! Maybe make it at first nice and easy, to introduce the player. Like a tutorial. Then maybe when you take the taxi it takes you to a brand new location (background), and you start a new level. I'd say make at LEAST 10 levels, increasing in difficulty. And maybe add powerups, like maybe one that removes all cars currently on screen. Something like that.

It's alright, but it need work and a lot more content.

FelipeBudinich responds:

Thanks very much for your detailed feedback :)

I only disagree on this point "why would sales increase after he died?"

The grammar thing was an ongoing joke when I made it a few years ago, I should fix it now (I'm currently doing that on the source code, that for some reason I fail to understand, I decided to write in that fashion too)

Awesome guys. Glad to see you decided to add more stuff to the game before submitting it here. I like the volley mode, but sometimes the ball gets stuck on the pole. An AI mode for it wouldn't hurt either. :3 Also I like how you guys made it so that Big Bill turns around when you go backwards, but it just makes it a little difficult to move, especially when you only want to move a little distance backwards. Oh, and I like the improved first level, the tutorial I find is much clearer for people who are unfamiliar with the game.

Besides these little things, in all, a great game you guys did for Ludum Dare, and a fun game for NG. :D

3D-xelu responds:

Thank you for the nice review :P yes we tried to improve the game a bit before releasing and regarding Volley AI mode... a bit too hard to add considering the value of the game, it might be a possibility in the future.. we'll see :D

Thanks again for being awesome though

Kay, few things I suggest:

Number 1: You spelt my username wrong :3 it's "Tarantulakid96" double check next time, because if it's wrong in the complete version I will come back with my rage face on.

Number 2: The music doesn't loop, you should probably fix that.

Number 3: Not everything is draggable, but I'm sure you'll get around to it later.

Number 4: I suggest (So things don't get too cluttered) is that you make buttons on the left and right sides of the backgrounds and make it so you can scroll through them instead of having to drag them around. Also, you should toss in some backgrounds from Incident 001A just so that there is more of a selection.

Number 5: If this is a work in progress, you should've submitted it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/ and then posted a link to it in your blog.

Do this stuff, and it will be awesome. Also, maybe if you are good enough with scripting, you could add multiple soundtracks to select from, maybe the Incident 010A music and the Incident 001A music.

And ONE last thing: You should probably put somewhere instructions for the rotate script, because some noobs will complain that they can't rotate the sprites when you actually can.

...That is all. :3

XxJ0K3RxX10 responds:

RE: Number 1: Well that's how it was spelled in your file you gave me.

RE: Number 2: Can you help me with that cause i don't know how to.

RE: Number 3: Well i know that. I'm not done with it.

RE: Number 4: When i did the buttons to switch the backgrounds, every time you go back to the first background, the song starts again and overlaps the song before that one. I will add the Incident 001A backgrounds if i get the sprites.

RE: Number 5: I know i forgot about that.

I will try to add multiple soundtracks

RE: And ONE last thing: I added the instructions in the loading screen, but for some reason it did not show up in the flash.

...This is my response. :3


Loved it, was better than the first one. And hey, the part where you go to trial, thats and Ace Attorney reference, isn't it? The hairstyle for the guy and the menu of items, and sounds. Heh. Loved the baddass ending. Was great!

PuffballsUnited responds:

Yep, you got it!

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