News: James & Jim/ Madness Assassin

2012-11-18 20:38:39 by Tarantulaben

Alrighty. Here's a good ol' news update. I'm sure you've been wanting one.

So, as general art goes... well, it goes slowly. IN OTHER NEWS...

As you may have heard, I'm starting up an old comic series of mine called James & Jim. You may have heard me talk about it some time ago. But yea, you can look forward to that coming along, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Check out the Official Website (designed by me) for details. Feel free to also check out the official Facebook and Twitter pages for news and updates. Trust me guys, this shiz will be awesome. I started the comic in late 2009, you won't believe how much it's evolved since. :3

And for all those itching for the Madness Assassin, I'll have you know that me and Aryf are still slowly inching our way along. Aryf's been doing some tests and commissions lately to touch up his animation skills. I will say, it's going slow, mainly because we have less time each day to work on it, and it's become less of a priority. But it is making progress. You'll probably get it sometime in 2013. Hey- we have the intro scene and menus done, which are quite badass by the way!

Also, feel free to check out a drawing I put up on DeviantART that was originally going to be a part of a poster for the Madness Assassin.


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2012-11-18 20:46:26

good luck on everything, also FIRST

Tarantulaben responds:



2012-11-19 04:30:26

SECOND. Now give me my million dollars.

Tarantulaben responds:

What million dollars?